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Título: Numerical simulations of aerial application systems: a new enhanced model.
Autores: Hazebrouck, Guillermo A.
Preidikmana, Sergio
Massa, Julio
Palabras claves: Aerial application
Drift control
Fecha de publicación: 29-nov-2010
Publicador: Departamento de Mecánica
Resumen: This research provides a computer model that simulates the motion of spherical fluid particles or droplets immersed in a non-uniform unsteady stream caused by the relative motion of a solid body and a fluid. The solution is particularly useful to study and improve the spraying of liquid products through aerial application systems. The developed method brings together two different models. An aerodynamic model supplies the velocity field to a dynamic model that computes the forces exerted on the fluid particles. The aerodynamic drag and the weight of fluid particles are taken into account by this model. The drag is evaluated by means of an empiric method that considers the local Reynolds number. The numerical simulation of aerial applications systems is emphasized. Some results of this class of application are further presented and discussed.
URI: https://rdu.iua.edu.ar/handle/123456789/1986
Appears in Colecciones:II Congreso Argentino de Ingeniería Aeronáutica

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