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Título: Multi-Client Application for Electric Arc Furnaces, using Compact RIO and FPGA
Autores: Manfredi, Gustavo Ariel
Riso, Héctor
Palabras claves: NI Compact RIO
Sistemas embebidos
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Publicador: CRUC-IUA-UNDEF
Resumen: This paper presents a solution design and implementation of a multi-client application as a part of a system for electric arc furnaces (EAF). The same allows reading voltage, current, pressure, digital parameters and, depending of the way they control the movement of electrode essentially making a better use of electrical energy. Within this scope, this paper shows the development of a distributive multi-client platform to monitor the performance on any PC simultaneously to the control system, by transferring the operating software and installation, which is created in Labview and synthesized in an FPGA, which implement software algorithms in hardware. The result is a product installed on any computer that connects to the embedded controller (Compact RIO) capable of monitoring and control via an Ethernet network, providing the user with a graphical human interface (HMI).
URI: https://rdu.iua.edu.ar/handle/123456789/453
Appears in Colecciones:Especialización en Sistemas Embebidos

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