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Título: Comparative Analysis of Wavelet and EMD in the Filtering of Radar Signal Affected by Brown Noise
Autores: Grispino, Alberto Sebastián
Petracca, Gabriel Oscar
Domínguez, Alfredo Eduardo
Palabras claves: Brown Noise
Fecha de publicación: feb-2013
Publicador: IEEE
Resumen: In Electronic Warfare the goal of the attacker is interfering with communications of his adversary. A common type of attack is Jamming which corrupts the electronic devices s signals by introducing intentionally different kinds of noise. In particular, in the context of radar systems, the attacker's actions tend to avoid detection by the radar system. In this paper we carry out the signal processing of pulse radar in the presence of brown noise by two different digital filters: Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Empiric Mode Decomposition (EMD). From the comparison between both results we obtain that EMD filtering is much more effective than DWT filtering for the situation described above.
URI: http://rdu.iua.edu.ar:8080//handle/123456789/260
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